Data Recovery & Backup


The Dangers of data loss: Loss of Unique Information and Financial Costs

We know how important data is to all of us.
Whether for personal use of business, most people have come to rely on computers, and with that, comes concerns about data loss. Whether caused by hardware failure, human error, theft, a computer virus, physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system, this loss can be costly, and recovery may be required.
I can assist you, too get your data back, and implement a prevention system which can lower the risks of information loss.

Prevention: Data Backup

BACKUPA backup plan is key to your business data protection strategy and encourages you to store data in a separate, safe location in case the original data is damaged or lost. From external hard drives to network storage devices, I have a backup solution for any type of user (individuals to businesses), that will be cost-effective and user-friendly.
Updating data frequently is good practice for the prevention of data loss. Updates can be done as often as daily, or quarterly, depending on your operations. It is equally important to do periodic testing of the data to be sure that it is readable and accurate (in case that backup becomes corrupted).